The Style: ‘These jeans look like you’ve stolen them from your boyfriend’s cupboard,’ says Lynch. ‘They’re loose-fitting, incredibly comfortable, and rolled up at the hem.’

Accessorise: Pair boyfriend pants with pumps, ankle boots, high-top sneakers or Tomy takkies, says Isaacs. ‘Because these jeans are comfortable and androgynous,’ says Lynch, ‘go for feminine pieces like a statement necklace or stacked bracelets.’ Remember, she adds, with loose-fitting bottoms, go for a tighter-fitting top.

Dressing It Up: Lynch suggests a fitted blazer and stilettos, while Isaacs thinks a leather biker jacket will give this look the oomph it needs.

Dressing It Down: A simple T-shirt is all you need to dress boyfriend jeans down, says Isaacs. Lynch agrees: ballet pumps and a vintage band T-shirt are a great way to add a chill factor to this style.

Body Shapes: Boyfriend jeans are great for pear-shaped bodies, says Lynch, as it hides the bum and the thighs. ‘Always a winner!’

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