Beauty Roundup: What's on Our Radar This Week

Your shopping list just got longer. #SorryNotSorry

Once again it’s time to divulge our favourite spoils that have landed on our desks this month. Here is this week’s beauty roundup. Brace yourselves!

GLAMGLOW Volcasmic Matte Glow Moisturizer

Confession: we’ve had this in the office for a while but had to keep it under wraps. But trust us, it was worth the wait! This face moisturiser delivers on its promise of making your skin look like you are fresh outta Hollywood – sexy but not shiny. Perfect for keeping sweaty summer foreheads looking flawless.

Nivea Q10 Plus C Anti-Wrinkle + Energy Skin Sleep Cream

Now for something to put on your face at night. The new vitamin C-infused range from Nivea helps to make tired skin brighter, and this sleep cream gets to work overnight. It supercharges the skin and the result is that you wake up more radiant than you were – and looking good is something we all want in the mornings!

Michael Kors Sexy Ruby EDP

This new fragrance from Michael Kors definitely lives up to its name – it’s BEYOND sexy! It contains notes of raspberry and apricots on top with a smoky wood base, which come together to create a scent that is the ideal blend of sweet and sultry and is sophisticated without being stuffy. In other words, perfect!

Essence Prismatic Hololighter Stick

Here at Cosmo SA headquarters, we LOVE a good highlighter. And this one from Essence has taken it up a notch. Perfect for aspiring unicorns, this chubby stick is made from light-reflecting pigments which gives you cheeks a holographic finish. Something tells us this product is going to be huge. You heard it here first!

Kahve Body Scrub

We all want smooth skin, especially now that it’s the time of the year that more of it is going to be exposed. That’s where Kahve comes in. Their scrubs contain natural antioxidants, essential oils and the finest ingredients, which exfoliate your skin gently and effectively so that it is left healthy and glowing. Smooooooth!

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