Beauty "Mistakes" That Made a Comeback

There are no rules.

In any industry there are certain trends that are considered faux-pas in generalKind of like wearing socks with flip-flops in fashion.

Trends are like waves, which is the reason why wearing your mom’s clothes from when she was at university is cool and why trends we we would rather live without could come back into fashion. You just never know.

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With every trend, comes an anti-trend. Inevitable in a world filled with hipsters and cool kids.

And with makeup and hair although there are no rules, somewhere along the way several looks fell into the “how-not-to-do” column, but have interestingly made a comeback in world trends and on the runway:

Faded Lip Color

No need to constantly re-apply your lipstick after drinking your coffee – lip stains are runway-approved.

Messy Bed Hair

Yes, I do own a hair brush and no, I don’t have to use it all the time. This is I-woke-up-like-this/rock star/French-it-girl style.

Showing Roots

Back in the day, people would wince at the sight of their natural hair colour beginning to show after a high-lighting job and then promptly rush off to the salon. These days, ombré and sombré  (subtle ombré) – an extreme version of visible roots – is still popular. 

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Untamed brows

Because there was once time when Cara D brows weren’t all the rage.

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Imperfectly perfect: what trends do you love, hate or most want to re-create?

Let us know!


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