Beauty 101 – The Textured Wave

Loose, barely there waves are perfect for laid-back weekends

Loose, barely there waves are perfect for laid-back weekends

1) Detangle hair in the shower when it’s wet and covered with conditioner
Make sure to get every last snag, because this is the last time you’ll be brushing it. After your shower, blot hair with towel.

2) While your hair is damp, rake a tangerine-sized dollop of light-hold mousse from toots to ends. (Pick one that slo has conditioners to make hair soft and shiny.) If you have coarse or curly hair, use a leave-in conditioner to weigh down strands.

3) Air-dry if you have time. Otherwise, twist sections of damp hair around your fingers and blast with hot air until completely dry.

4) Use a curling iron to define the waves, but remember: Perfection is not the goal. “If you’re methodical, it starts to look very salon,” says Hanlon. Beginning about three inches below the roots, wrap hair around a medium-barrel curling iron. Hold it for five seconds, then release.

5) After the waves cool, work a penny-size blob of glossing cream through the ends to break up the texture. To finish, quickly run a flatiron over the roots to smooth them down. Or, to be authentic about the model-off-duty thing, throw a beanie on your head for five minutes. “That’s how we flatten the top of the hair backstage,” says Hanlon.

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