7 Mistakes you’ve been making with your flat iron!


The truth of the matter is, heat styling WILL damage your hair, but it can be managed. We sussed out the biggest mistakes to avoid when going the sleek route.

1) You… don’t apply heat protecting spray
You will end up with fried ends that will split and look scraggly (and this goes for any heat styling tool used). Spray it onto clean damp hair, before you blow dry, curl or iron. It acts as a shield, locking in moisture and adding shine.

2) You… use the lowest heat setting on your iron
You would think that a lower heat setting is better for your hair right? Wrong! On a low setting you’ll have to go over your hair multiple times to get a sleek result, causing more damage. On a higher heat setting you’ll only have to go over your hair once or twice.


3) You… don’t section your hair
Grabbing random fistfuls of hair is not going to give you the best result. Creating sections will save you time and allow you to straighten more evenly.

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4) You… pull the iron down to straighten
You’ll just end up with flat hair. Rather get the iron as close to your roots as possible and then gently pull the hair upwards to boost volume at the crown.

5) You… Don’t allow time for your hair to cool
Warm air styles, cool air sets. Give your hair at least 5 minutes to cool down and settle before pulling it into a ponytail or adding a clip.

6) You… Don’t clean your iron
Styling products and sprays can build up on your iron causing it to become sticky. To prevent your hair snagging, wipe your iron with a damp cloth at least once a week.

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7)You… bought the cheapest iron you could find
When it comes to straightening, the proof is in the iron. Irons that cost a bit more often feature the latest technology and will give you a better result with less damage.

And the biggest flat iron NO-NO of all!? Never ever flat iron wet hair! Applying that level of heat to wet hair essentially ‘boils’ the water inside your strands causing weak spots and damage that will lead to severe breakage.