7 Bronzer Hacks for a Gorgeous Glow

Master this amazing multi-tasking beauty product.

You know those girls who seem to have a natural glow all summer long? Bronzer is their secret. Follow these 7 steps to instant glowing perfection.

1 Keep it natural. Bold, daring makeup can be a killer look, but when it comes to bronzer it’s best to create a soft, natural glow. Choose a shade that’s only slightly darker than you skin tone or risk looking a little too Geordie Shore.

2 Think of the sun. We’re trying to create the illusion of sun-kissed skin minus the dangerous UV rays, so think about where the sun would naturally hit your face and apply bronzer to those spots. (Hint: Your nose, forehead and cheekbones are good places to start.)

3 Mix and match. If you love the rosy glow of a blusher, get the best of both worlds by combining a blusher and bronzer.

4 Spread the love. Want an all-over glow? Mix a little bronzer with your moisturiser for a pretty summer tan, no sunbathing required. Unlike many fake tans, it is easily reversible if you’re not into the results.

5 Get contouring. A bronzer is one of your most powerful allies when it comes to contouring. Non-shimmery ones are best if you want to create a selfie-worthy look.

6 Work it even harder. Use bronzer on any area you’d like to highlight. It works particularly well on your eyelids for a gorgeous subtle sparkle.

7 Blend, blend, and blend some more. The secret to a natural summer’s look lies in how well you blend. Shop around for a fat brush to blend makeup into your skin and soften the lines.

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