7 Beauty Lessons We Learnt from these Stylish Toons





1. The Powerpuff Girls
Beauty sleep is vital.

2. Oblina
Bold red lips and dramatic lashes are always a good combo!

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3. Edna Mode
A bob cut with blunt bangs and minimal makeup is super-edgy… Edna always let her sharp hairstyle do the talking.



4. Cruella de Vil
Cruella always centred her outfit choices around her bold hairstyle; she probably taught us one of the most essential beauty lessons –wear clothes that complement your hairstyle. This will balance your look as a whole.

photo 2-8


5. Judy Funnie
Judy epitomised that cool, edgy, older-sister persona. We could write an entire post on her fashion sense alone – those shades, leather jackets, and her love for chokers and black! But we can’t decide who’s bangs are better, Edna’s or Judy’s? I mean, have you ever come across a girl who could rock red bangs with shaved sides? The girl’s brave.



6. Jane Lane
Bold, vampy lipstick looks really good on fair skin.

7. Princess Jasmine and Maleficent
The perfect cat’s eye only exists in the cartoon world.


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