5 Beauty Tips To Boost Your Mood Instantly

For those days when we simply feel ‘bleh’!

You know when you have your ‘less than fresh’ days, where regardless of how much makeup you have on your face, or how many times you’ve attempted to fix your hair – you still look ‘meh’ ? Yeah, well we all know that it’s not fun! So instead, treat yourself to these five little beauty tips to help you transform yourslef to your usual Beyonce-level flawless.

1) Mani & Pedi
There’s nothing better than catching a glimpse of your perfectly conditioned hands and toes. You don’t necessarily have to go to the spa if it’s too much of a mission. You can easily create your own by following these super simple steps.

2) Spa day
Who doesn’t love a good massage? After a stressful week, take a trip to your nearest spa to indulge in being pampered. Chill out, relax and enjoy!

3) Salon blowout
Oh my goodness, you LOVE that feeling when you leave a salon after having your hair done? Your hair hasn’t ever had so much bounce to it and has NEVER looked so shiny! You catch yourself staring at your reflection in every reflectable surface possible. It’s simply the best.

4) Spritz some of your favourite fragrance
Smelling good not only makes you feel great, it’s also a huge self-esteem boost. When you get a comment that you smell great, um hello isn’t it amazing?

5) Go shopping
And if all else fails, go shopping!