4 Easy Steps to Gorgeous Glitter Nails

Shine bright!

Glitter nail designs are a fave among many for a reason – they add max sparkle with very little effort. And we love ourselves some sparkle! Life’s too short for a boring manicure, so let your nails do the talking with this easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to glitter nails by Sally Hansen.

A few tips before you start accessorising your nails…


Apply two thin coats of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish: in partnership with the top coat, the part-lacquer, part-gel formula delivers up to 14 days of colour and shine. It’s more chip-resistant than regular nail polish. Add some sparkle with small sequins for decoration before sealing with Miracle Gel™ Top Coat.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel(R130 each*) Street Flair


Apply one coat of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel™ Top Coat. Its patented formula delivers the high-shine, glossy look of a salon-quality gel manicure without the need for LED/UV light. Easy, soak-free removal can be achieved with regular nail-polish remover.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel™ Top Coat (R130*)

Easy step-by-step guide to glitter nails

You will need:
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel™ in Street Flair & Top Coat
Glitter pieces
Striping brush

Step 1 Apply two thin coats of Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel™ in Street Flair.

Step 2 Using a striping brush, start placing a row of glitter pieces across nails.

Step 3 Apply a second and third row.

Step 4 Once you’ve completed the third row, apply Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel™  Top Coat to seal in your design.

Despite already having an overflowing collection of all types of nail colours, the average girl can’t say no to a new nail polish shade.  To view more Sally Hansen nail polish shades, visit za.sallyhansen.com.

This post was sponsored by Sally Hansen.

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