3 Ways To Work A Denim Shirt To The Office

Unlike it’s other denim partners, the denim shirt can be styled for stylish, office-appropriate dressing.

Don’t limit your denim pieces to casual down-dressing. With clever styling and a careful selection of denim pieces, you can wear this all-time favourite to work as well.

Unlike it’s other denim partners, the denim shirt has the ability to be dressed-up for stylish, yet professional office-appropriate looks. 

TOP TIP: When selecting your denim shirt, go for something classic and simple. Stay away from embellishment, patches and distressed denims that will quickly become too casual for the work place.

Here are 3 ways to style your denim shirt for the office:

Look 1:

Tuck your denim shirt into a classic pencil skirt and accessorize with simple pieces for a look that is sophisticated, yet still on-trend. 

1. R649, Country Road
2. R229, Witchery
3. R99,99, Mr. Price.
4. R649, Witchery
5. R649, Witchery
6. R469, Madison

Look 2

This season is all about the flared skirt. Pair your denim shirt with a flared skirt for an office look that is feminine and stylish.

1. R649, Country Road
2. R120, Mr. Price
3. R999, Country Road
4. R129, Foschini
5. R420, Foschini

Look 3

Nothing says professional better than a blazer and a pair of tailored trousers. Go for a suit-and-shirt combo that will create a chic office-ready ensemble.

1. R160, Mr. Price
2. R649, Country Road
3. R120, Mr. Price
4. R449, Witchery
5. R1299, Mimco
6. R999, Mimco

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