3 Ways to Disguise Large Pores

You can’t make big pores vanish but you can make them appear smaller…

1. Pores for thought
Different approaches are necessary for different skin types. Oily skin has larger pores dues to trapped dirt and oil and dead skin cells – which stretches and enlarges the pores. The most helpful product for oily skin will therefore be an oil-control cleansing regimen. Dry skins with larger pores will respond well to a skin-resurfacing range of products.

2. Scrub up!
Exfoliation is the key to minimising the appearance of large pores. Along with helping to clear out clogged pores, it also evens out skin texture.

3. Cheat Sheet
Make up can help too – using a primer before applying base will aid the appearance of smoother skin. Cream foundation will give extra coverage, and loose powder will absorb the excess sebum that draws attention to pores.