12 Black Dresses You CAN Wear to a Wedding

Shop the perfect black dress right now!

Wearing black to a wedding is okay – as long as you make sure the dress is chic and that your makeup is minimalist but striking. Shop our favourite black dresses no matter what your style is. We’ve put together a great selection, from classic LBDs to standout mesh dresses.

black dresses.001

1. R1 850, Ruff Tung

2. R899, Eligere

3. R620, A-List

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black dresses.003

4. R1 200, MarethColleen

5. R130, MRP

6. R1 800, Swoon

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7.R600, Eve Emporium

8. R59,99, MRP

9. R895, Nox by Adam And Eve

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black dresses.005

10. R660, Ruff Tung

11. R699, Afrodizzy

12. R575, Eve Emporium

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