10 Curly Hair Hacks To Make Your Life SO Much Easier

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Maintenance for curly hair is so much more difficult than maintenance for straight hair. From detangling hair, to eliminating frizz – the to-do list for sleek, sexy curls is endless.

Here are 10 curly hair hacks that will hopefully ease up the process.

1. Know your curls 

Knowing exactly where you lie on the curly-hair chart will make your maintenance process a little easier. For curly hair, there’s no universal product that works on all hair types. Different curls and textures need different products and maintenance routines.

curly hair chart


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2. Cover the basin in clingfilm before you begin detangling/brushing 

By covering the bathroom basin in clingfilm before detangling or brushing hair, you prevent hair from falling down the drain (which means you prevent the drain from becoming blocked). Also, cleaning up afterwards is now as easy as peeling off the clingfilm.

3. Start from the bottom up

When washing, conditioning and combing hair, start from the bottom of the hair and work your way up. This will make it easier to detangle hair one bit at a time.



4. Ban the brushes 

Brushes are not your friends! Brushes cause strands to break and hair to become frizzy, and also ruin the shape of your curls. Rathe use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to detangle hair.

5. Try ‘co-washing’ or ‘no-poo’ 

Wash hair using only conditioner. This method is great when you need to add moisture to hair without weighing it down.

black girl with curly hair


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6. Trade your towel for a T-shirt 

Drying hair with a towel will absorb all the water out of the hair and this can cause frizz. Drying hair with a T-shirt will only absorb the excess water and leave some moisture in the hair. This will make the hair easier to work with after your shower.

7. Rehydrate your curls between washes

If you wake up in the morning and your curls are looking matte and really dry, spritz a little water or water-and-conditioner mixture onto them. For the sake of convenience, you can fill an empty spray bottle with water and conditioner and keep the solution in your bathroom, ready to go when you need it.



8. Sleep on satin or silk 

Changing your pillowcase to satin or silk will prevent moisture from being sucked out of your hair.

9. Twist or braid hair when you sleep (especially after a blow-dry)

Twisting or braiding hair into loose plaits will help to retain the shape of your curls as you sleep. In the morning, shake out the plaits, moisturise hair (if necessary) and you’re ready to go.

happy curls


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10. Soften crunchy curls using styling oils and mousses 

Super-dry hair never looks good. Use styling oils and mousses to add sheen to your strands, especially at the ends.



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