Our Fave Models and Celebs Were Turned Into Disney Characters – and it's Kinda Genius

The Insta artist who turned Gigi and Kendall into Belle and Mulan.

Instagram artist Gregory Masouras beheaded our favourite runway models and celebs (okay, not literally), and turned them into Disney princesses for his recent project #AnimationInReality.

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See the images here:

In the process, the young artist has caught the attention of some pretty influential people in the fashion industry, such as Marc Jacobs, who personally shared one of his photos. In the photo, one of Marc’s models on his spring 2016 runway was turned into The Little Mermaid‘s Ursula.

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The artist himself chilling with Mickey Mouse:



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Is this maybe pointing out that we look up to Gigi, Kendall and co as we used to look up to our favourite Disney princesses when we were young? What do you think? Tweet us @CosmopolitanSA. #COSMOFashion

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