10 Fashion Faux Pas the Olsens Made Cool

Ten times our favourite twins made major fashion don’ts into dos.

For over a decade, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been breaking fashion rules and pulling off the most crazy outfits. Trends? Nah, the Olsen twins are fashion rebels and do exactly as they please. Here are 10 times our favourite twins made fashion don’ts into major dos!

Olsen twins
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1. John Lennon sunglasses – Soon after they were seen sporting these sunnies they became a major trend.



2. Partner dressing – Matching sister outfits are (usually) only acceptable when you’re under the age of five.

Olsen Twins

3. The bag-lady look – not to mention sliders and socks!

Bag ladies

4. Full-on frilly – They’ve shown us the cool side of more is more.

5. Over-layering on a small frame – Being approximately 157cm in height, these girls show the shorties in the world that long-and-baggy silhouettes sometimes work.

Olsen Twins 3

6. Baggy denims and Birkenstocks – An outfit that screams disaster, yet actually looks surprisingly tasteful.

Olsen Twins 6
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7. White-T-shirt-wearing on the red carpet – Our hats off, because no-one’s pulled off a white tee on the red carpet like this!

Olsen Twins 7

8. Kitten heels – Not only are these super-pointy, weirdly shaped mules but the heels are tiny. Usually we would say never but here she just looks chic.

Olsen Twins 8

9. Statement accessories – Bold sunnies, large cocktail ring, leopard-print scarf, large studs, designer bag…


10. Granny grunge meets boho – Magicians? We don’t know how they pull off these kinds of cray outfits, they just do.

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Viva the Olsens! #COSMOFashion

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