​12​ ​Fashion​ ​Tips​ ​For​ ​Tall​ ​Girls

Sisters​ ​Hannah​ ​&​ ​Zoe​ ​of​ ​HøFSisters​ ​Tall​ ​Fashion​ ​Journal​ ​reveal their top tips.

Being tall is a wonderful thing, but when it comes to fashion things aren’t always plain sailing. Sourcing clothes long enough is a challenge in itself, but styling a tall frame also needs careful consideration. We have been 6ft since we were 16 so have learned the hard way what tends to work and what does not. Here are some easy rules to follow to ensure you make the most of your height and always look fabulous.

Break​ ​It​ ​Up

Head-to-toe in one print can have an elongating effect so it is a good idea to break it up. In the case of a maxi dress, the easiest thing to do is to belt it at the waist. Or opt for a style which has some feature to break it up – think strapless, halterneck, deep v-neck plunge or a colour block pattern. Separates look fantastic on a tall frame and a sliver of skin is a striking way to break up a matching skirt and top. The desired effect can also be achieved through accessorizing your outfit with a large bag, chunky jewellery or an embellished shoe to add a point of interest.

Get​ ​Creative​ ​When​ ​Something​ ​Is​ ​Too​ ​Short

This is the frustration we most often hear from tall girls: everything is too short! Get creative. Roll a too short jean and wear it cropped or with an ankle boot. Give new life to an awkward maxi skirt and wear high on the waist as a stylish midi.

Take​ ​A​ ​Less​ ​Structured​ ​Approach

Most fashion is designed to fit a person of average height. By avoiding clothes which are overly structured, you will save yourself the frustration of finding the item’s waist somewhere in the vicinity of your ribcage. A general rule is to filter out most dresses with a structured waist and opt instead for those which are bodycon, have a wide waistband, no waistband at all or a tiered waist.

Choose​ ​High​ ​Waisted

You have amazing legs! When you’re tall, this is just a fact so make the most of it. Anything high waisted is not only going to show your long pins off to perfection, but it’s also going to highlight your waist and create a long and lean silhouette.

Buy​ ​Shoes​ ​With​ ​Cut​ ​Out​ ​Features

Shoes with an interesting cut out feature, or a sweetheart toe cut, can be flattering on larger feet. A pointed toe also tends to be more flattering and gives the illusion of feet being smaller. They may be comfortable, but round toe courts may actually make your feet look bigger. A final tip on shoes – nude/pale pink coloured shoes always look great.

Belt​ ​It

Creating a silhouette is the simplest way to flatter your height. Belting loose clothing at your natural waist will create definition and give the impression of a long and lean physique.

Layering​ ​is​ ​good,​ ​but​ ​only​ ​at​ ​your​ ​slimmest​ ​part

Good layering is an important skill; it adds interest to a look and can be very flattering. However, avoid layering where you don’t want to draw attention. For example, if I wore a tunic dress over a pair of jeans, the layering effect would be around my hips and bum, the one place I do not want to highlight, whereas layering t-shirts, shirts and jackets draws attention to a slimmer upper body.

Wear​ ​It​ ​Like​ ​Bardot

By creating a horizontal line, which breaks up an outfit, an off-the-shoulder top is incredibly flattering on a tall physique. Moreover, it’s almost impossible to wear a Bardot top and not look wonderfully chic.

Mind​ ​The​ ​Gap

One of the greatest challenges for a tall girl is finding trousers and skirts which hit your legs in the right place. A basic rule of thumb is to avoid lengths which hit you at the widest part of your calf because it will give the impression of shapeless legs. Tailored trousers, midi and maxi skirts should sit no more than 3 inches above the ankle. Likewise a knee length skirt should sit just below or above the knee. If you love the skirt but it stops at an awkward place, try wearing over long boots.

Snap,​ ​Crackle​ ​&​ ​POP

A pop of colour adds a point of interest to an outfit and draws the eye in, saying ‘Hello, look at me!’ rather than ‘Hello, I’m very tall’

Go​ ​Long

When you’re tall you really can carry off long hair and accessories. Everything will look totally in proportion so add those pendant necklaces and grow that lion’s mane – you’re going to look fab!

Earn​ ​Those​ ​Stripes

It’s true, vertical stripes add height and horizontal stripes can add width. But when you’re tall, horizontal stripes actually look great and trick the eye into thinking we’re not as tall as we really are! Again it’s all about breaking up an outfit in a way that really flatters our height rather than accentuates it.

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