Your Bedroom Performance
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Your Bedroom Performance


Think you’re a girl studmuffin? Guys tell us what they really think of your MO in the sack.

‘Women who think they satisfy all their boyfriend’s desires give themselves way too much credit. Every guy has at least one crazy, perverted or even emasculating thing they’re dying to try in the bedroom that they’re way too embarrassed to ask for.’ – Vic*, 29

‘I think it’s hilarious when a girl thinks she needs some insane new sex trick to spice things up and rock my world. The truth is she could just stare at my penis and not even bother touching it. So long as she’s touching herself while she’s doing it, I’m probably going to love every minute of it.’ – Adam*, 28

‘When a girl gives me oral sex and I’m not getting hard, it sucks to have to lie and say my mind’s somewhere else when the truth is, she sucks at it – no pun intended. Women should know the truth: if it’s not hard after five minutes max, either we know you’re not into it or you’re not any good at doing it.’ – Tim*, 27

‘I was really into my ex, but after sex, she would point out all her body flaws. I know she was just fishing for compliments, but all she did was convince me that she wasn’t actually as hot as I thought she was.’ – Wesley*, 26

‘I hate knowing that most women know how to fake it. It makes me think that half of what I’m doing down there is probably wrong. I’m never sure if I’m truly giving her an orgasm or she’s giving me an acting lesson.’ – Jacob*, 22

‘I purposefully flinch whenever she tries to cuddle after sex, but secretly I love feeling her arms wrapped around me. I just never ask for it because I always feel like a complete wuss admitting that I love basking in the glow as much as she does.’ – Dan*, 22

*Names have been changed


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