What He Really Wants To Try
Cosmo Editor

What He Really Wants To Try

- Cosmo Editor

Guys fess up to some sex moves that are emblazoned in their minds.

‘I love it when a girl puts her hair up in a ponytail before going to work below my belt. It shows that she intends to get hot and sweaty and needs her hair out of her face so she can concentrate on pleasing me.’ – Steven*, 30

‘A girl I dated in university used to rock a technique I dubbed the ‘fire starter’. She would position her hands on either side of my shaft, apply a little pressure, and then run both hands up and down or side by side really fast. It was the combination of speed and gentle force that always brought me over the edge.’ – Adam*, 25

‘The perineum: that spot between a guy’s balls and his and his bum. It’s very sensitive. If my girl brushes it lightly with her fingertips or flicks it with her tongue, I’m completely in heaven.’ – John*, 27

‘An ex used to hang on to lingerie that she would’ve otherwise tossed for the sole purpose of letting me rip it off her while we were fooling around. The rough, primal feeling I got as I tore away her clothes always put me over the top.’ – Martin*, 35

‘Most girls don’t realise how awesome it is to lick a guy’s ‘cut lines’ – the creases that separate his thighs and his torso. If I’m on my back and a woman is nibbling these sensitive areas, I’ll remember her forever.’ – Matthew*, 23

*Names have been changed


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