Here's the Time of Year People Are Most Likely to Divorce

Could divorce season be upon us?

We may be in the middle of wedding season, but researchers are saying that there’s such a thing as a divorce season, too. University of Washington sociologists analysed divorce filings between 2001 and 2015 – and the data revealed that these divorce filings tended to peak in March.

Huh. At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be much of a reason for it, right? I mean, March is literally the month of the year where nothing really happens. There’s not even some sort of hectic seasonal change that would make people question their relationships. But according to the study authors, it has more to do with the holidays and events leading up to that month.

Apparently, the Christmas holidays can be to blame. While you may be counting down the days to your next December break (it’s about 330 days, in case you were wondering), for loads of couples that time of year can be stressful as hell. It’s one of the biggest tests – and if you’re not getting along with your husband, it can make an already tough situation feel absolutely awful.

The March filings happen in that month (and not, you know, at the very beginning of January when you’d expect) because the process of getting a divorce takes a lot of time and planning. The researches say that couples need time to figure out finances, find a lawyer and divide up their stuff. The researchers also point out that couples often don’t want to file during the Christmas season because it can be especially tough on kids.

There you have it – if you and your husband can survive the Christmas holidays (with the family issues, crowded malls, money spending and the intense heat) and still feel strong, happy and in love, you’re golden.

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