The Sex Moment He'll Never Forget
Cosmo Editor

The Sex Moment He'll Never Forget

- Cosmo Editor

Here, outrageous mattress tricks men’s best bedmates treated them to.

‘One night, I took a walk with a woman I was dating, and we found ourselves in the driveway of a primary school next to a big, thick tree. She smiled and leaned against the tree. I unzipped my fly, lifted her skirt and pushed aside her g-string. That image – and the sensations I felt – will last a lifetime.’ – James*, 33

‘I was dating a woman who, while really hot, gave me the impression that she was very buttoned-up and reserved. So it was amazing when we were kissing out on the couch one night, and out of the blue, she ordered me to go down on her using the dirtiest, filthiest, most arousing language I’d ever heard. I replay it in my mind at least once a day.’ – Tim*, 33

‘I’ll never forget the time I was at this girl’s place watching a big rugby game when she straddled me on the couch. Clothes flew off, and we started going at it. I was trying to please her when she said, ‘Don’t worry, just watch the game.’ So I did exactly that – looking at the TV over her shoulder while she rode me. Wow!’ – Siya*, 26

‘My ex was a big fan of giving me a reverse blowjob: She would lie on the bed, and I’d get in a push-up position over her. She could use her hand to keep me from going too deep, but I got to control the speed and movement. I wish more girls would give that a try.’ – Zander*, 29

‘In the middle of woman-on-top sex with my last girlfriend, she suddenly shifted back a bit. I could tell the angle was a lot more pleasurable for her because her face scrunched up in a way I’d never seen before, and then, to top it off, she became wetter than any woman I’d ever experienced. It was like I was witnessing a half-sexual, half-spiritual moment. I’d give anything to relive that.’ – Graham*, 31

*Names have been changed


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