4 Signs Your Ex is Affecting Your Current Relationship

It isn’t fair on your new guy.

They say one of the easiest ways to get over a past relationship is by jumping into a new one – but that isn’t necessarily true. In fact, if you and an ex have recently broken up, you could be setting a new relationship up for failure without even meaning to. Don’t jump into something before you’re ready, or you could find your ex inadvertently affecting your love life. Here are the signs it’s already happening.

1 You’re comparing your old guy to your new one. Maybe your ex had a very different sense of humour and found all your most bizarre jokes hilarious, while your new boyfriend just doesn’t seem to get it. Maybe you still think your ex was the best guy in the world, and you’re worried nobody will ever compare. Either way, if you’re constantly thinking, ‘My ex never would have done that,’ your new relationship isn’t off to a glowing start. All you’re doing is setting your partner up for failure – and he doesn’t deserve that.

2 You’re distant in your new relationship. That’s what tends to happen if you’ve been hurt in the past. But you shouldn’t be dating someone just to fill a boy-shaped gap in your life. If you feel like you can’t totally trust this new guy or you’re scared to fall too hard in case it doesn’t work out, you’re probably not ready for another relationship. When you’re completely over your ex, you’ll feel far more ready to dive into something new.

3 You hope your ex will see you and your new guy. You constantly fantasise about situations where you’ll bump into your ex so he can see that you’ve moved on. You shouldn’t be dating someone because you have some sort of vendetta towards your previous partner. It’s not fair on your current one.

4 You don’t like your new boyfriend as much as your old one. Yes, you and your previous guy broke up and, yes, you know it was the best thing to do – you weren’t right for each other. But even though it makes you furious with yourself, you can’t help but miss him. In fact, you know that if he tried to get back together with you, you’d accept in a heartbeat…

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