Let’s Play: South Africans and Sex Toys

Turns out South Africans are all about exploring their wild sides ?

All work and no play may make Jane a dull girl, but one look at the findings of online adult shop Désir’s extensive sex-toy survey reveals that South Africans are anything but dull. Behind closed doors, we’re playful, enthusiastic and open to exploration – of ourselves, our lovers and the ways in which we can experience passion. Far from being an indictment on our own fingers, tongues and other bliss-inducing bits, the fact that more than three-quarters of the survey participants said that they had used a sex toy in the past is great news: goodbye, egos and hello, ecstasy! A relative newcomer to the South African market, IMTOY is creating products engineered for just that, pleasure – alone or together – time and again.

So what else did Désir’s survey have to say about our (naughty) nation?

The top reason for buying sex toys? ‘To spice up my sex life,’ said 44,4% of respondents. IMTOY’s Zoo range comprises a collection of six Silken Silicone, smart app-enabled toys, each designed to deliver stimulation exactly where you need it.

Toys most used? Vibrators are causing the biggest buzz: 27,9% of those surveyed said that their battery-powered buddies were their most-used toy. The days of the randy rabbit reigning supreme are over.

IMTOY has two horny little (well, maybe not-so-little) numbers, the Rhino and the Gazelle. The Rhino is your go-to for hitting every O-zone at once, with its G-spot-seeking curves and horn for clitoral stimulation. Gazelle’s twin horns make this wand-style wonder everything your clit is looking for in a bestie.

Favourite toy? Vibrators came out top again, with 37,7% calling them their absolute favourite toys. The Giraffe, from IMTOY’s Zoo range, is the perfect introduction to vibrators: sleek, simple but, like the rest of the Zoo range, packing a punch with 16 vibration modes. For those who prefer something a little more risqué, the Whale is a super-discreet C-shaped vibe to hit both the clit and G-spot that can be worn, well, just about anywhere.

Preferred use for sex toys? Here’s a surprise: more South Africans enjoy using sex toys to enhance their play with partners than for solo use. An astonishing 43,2% turn to toys during couple’s exploration while 28,1% reach for them when alone.

IMTOY’s Dolphin is made with two in mind, its smart C shape delivering clitoral stimulation and making penetration possible when in use so that he can feel the buzz too. For men looking to enhance their solo play, IMTOY’s Manta Ray offers a creative alternative to Fleshlight-style masturbation aids.

Why not? Of those respondents who had never used a sex toy, 37,7% said it was because they wouldn’t know what to get. But with IMTOY’s Zoo range, there’s something for everyone, so what are you waiting for? Find it at Desir.co.za.

This post was sponsored by Désir.

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