50 Shades of Sex Tips: Part 1

25 sex tips that will give you a fearless attitude in the bedroom

Dominate him

1 Graze your teeth over his index finger (it is the fleshiest and can handle the pressure) while he’s taking you from behind.

2 Dig your nails into his butt as he thrusts into you, and hold him inside you at the deepest point refusing to let him move for 30 seconds.

3 Use your bra to tie his hands behind his back, then coat your nipples in delicious toppings and order him to lick them off.

4 Have him lie on the floor naked. Shimmy into a pair of thigh-high boots, and walk in circles around him, stopping every now and then to press the heel of your boot into his skin.

5 As you’re riding him, clamp down on his ear lobes with your fingers and pull on them to rock yourself forwards and backwards.

6 Press a fork (firmly – but don’t break the skin) into different parts of his body – his butt cheeks, his pecs, his thighs.

7 Slick your lip-plumping gloss (the stuff that stings a little) on your mouth and then quickly kiss the very sensitive spots on his body.

8 Tell him he’s your slave for the evening, and if he does whatever you want, his reward is sex that’s all about him.

9 In your meanest school-teacher voice, order him to stand in a corner facing the wall and not to move. After a few minutes, demand that he get into bed and ravage you.

10 Using your thumb and index finger, make a circle and press it firmly against his scrotum so the skin is pulled taut (he’ll be able to withstand more pain than he would if his testicles were just hanging loose). Tap your fingers firmly over the area, then move on to light scratching.

11 Swivel a small icecube over his frenulum (the small fold of skin on the underside of the penis where he head meets the shaft) until it completely melts. While his skin is still wet, blow hot breath on it (exhaling with your mouth open).

12 Go all dominatrix on him by rocking your leather jacket and nothing else, sitting in a chair and instructing him to go down on you.

13 BDSM sometimes involves sexual deprivation. Try tying his wrists to the bed, get on top of him, and ride him until he is on the brink of orgasm, then stop until he begs.

14 Blindfold him and then give him directions (‘Touch me here. No, not there, here’). When you can’t be seen, the bossy badass can come out.

15 Bite his inner thigh right where his balls are resting. Being a little too close for his comfort is a rush.

16 Quiz him – what’s your favourite flower, movie, and so forth – and if he gets a question right, he’s earned 10 seconds of oral. Wrong, and you drizzle molten candle wax (use a massage candle, which won’t be quite as hot) on his chest.

17 While he’s sitting on a couch, climb on top of him and lace your fingers in his hair. Clamp down, tilt his head back and kiss him long and hard.

18 During sex put your finger in his mouth and order him to suck it.

19 Make him watch a porno – from the pizza being delivered to the pizza boy getting his ‘tip’ – without touching you or himself. If he tries, slap his hand away.

20 Out at dinner massage him through his pants under the table – stop when he becomes hard. You want him to squirm like a two-year-old who needs to pee throughout the meal.

21 Tie a silk tie loosely around his penis, then roll it up and down for a silky hand job.

22 Order him to paint your toenails while you’re wearing a miniskirt with no knickers underneath it.

23 Have him stand up, then tie his ankles to the bedposts. Bend over and let him enter you from behind – he can’t move, so he’s at the mercy of your thrusting.

24 Kneel on top of him – with your knees pinning down his arms – and have him tease you with his mouth.

25 Use the back of a hairbrush to swat his thighs lightly when he steps out of the shower – wet skin is more sensitive than dry.

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