Your Guide To Anal Sex pg5
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Your Guide To Anal Sex pg5


One would think any guy would be more than happy having regular access to your vagina, but nooooo – you can bet your (ahem) bottom dollar that the time will come when he enquires about sport on Channel Two. While the thought of anal anything might be horrifying, in fact lots of couples include it in their sexual repertoire and – believe it or not – some women really enjoy it. If your boyfriend’s been bugging you to try sex this way, take heart – you’re not alone. And it doesn’t have to be heinous. Here’s the scoop.

Definitely not, cautions Venter. The reason is because the rectum contains bacteria that, when transferred into a vagina, can result in a very serious infection. Vaginal to anal sex is fine, but not the other way around. If you want to go back to vaginal sex, the guy needs to use a condom for anal sex or wash his penis thoroughly with soap before entering the vagina.


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