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Thrill Every Inch Of Him pg4


You already know that the male body is a hotbed of feel-good zones, many of which extend far beyond his pelvis. But getting a handle on the right way to stroke, lick, and caress these head-to-toe, hiding-in-plain-sight pleasure points can mean the difference between a standard and an amazing sack session. ‘Not all these spots respond to the same type of touch; some have thinner skin or more responsive nerve endings, so the pressure and speed you use needs to be tailored just right to really blow him away,’ explains Dr Patti Britton, co-author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Sensual Massage (Alpha). Below, we lay out six randy regions – some involving his package, some located on other areas of his body, and a few combinations of the two – plus the exact type of touch to treat him to.

Tantalising Touch #1: Naughty Neck Nibble Most of us tend to think of our fingers as tools we use to arouse someone else. But in fact, they’re mini-erogenous zones capable of bringing your bedmate to a high boil. ‘Each finger is packed with freestanding nerve endings, fine-tuned to detect the slightest sensation,’ explains dermatologist Michele Green. Clue your boyfriend in to just how sensitive his digits are by taking his hand in yours, placing it against your lips, and gently sucking on his middle finger. ‘Hold his finger by the base and move it in and out of your mouth sensually,’ says Britton. Pay extra attention to his knuckle, a nexus of nerve endings. What’s really mind-blowing about this touch: ‘The feel of your lips mimics the way your mouth feels on his penis, so this move is a provocative way to show him what may be in store later,’ says Britton.
Tantalising Touch #2: Tailbone Tickle
Tantalising Touch #3: The Package Pump
Tantalising Touch #4: The Frisky Finger Lick
Tantalising Touch #5: The Breast Stroke
Tantalising Touch #6: The F-Spot Flick


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