The Sex Toy User Guide pg1
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The Sex Toy User Guide pg1


So, you’ve been going out with your man for a while and things are starting to plateau, but the last thing you want is to let the sex get blah. A great way of keeping things hot and heavy is with some sex toy action. Owner of Bella Rouge, Jenni Osrin rated some of the latest toys according to their level of difficulty, and added some fun tips to help you get from beginner to sex toy diva.

❤❤❤ = Difficult ❤❤ = Moderate = Easy

A great toy to start with is the Power Bullet. It’s small and compact and can fit in the palm of your hand. Roll it around the body during foreplay and it will help hot things up. Try using it on his sensitive nipples and ‘man bits’. Once he sees that the toy is not just for your pleasure, but for his as well, he should be more open to exploring more fun goodies. This is also a great little toy to keep in your handbag for when the situation, um, arises.


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