The Love Lab pg1

The Love Lab pg1


Being a smart and savvy COSMO woman, you know your way around a man’s body. But even if you’ve mastered every ridge and crevice of his manscape, science – along with COSMO – is always looking for new ways to turn up the heat. So we asked four people who study sex for a living to reveal the their hot sexual tricks, bedroom breakthroughs and intriguing discoveries about men’s and women’s bodies. Read on and be inspired.

1. Start Fantasising!
Recent studies show it’s the people who fantasise frequently who report higher satisfaction in bed, have sex more often and experiment more than those who rarely fantasise. ‘Fantasising just before you hit the sheets will prep your mind – and your body will follow,’ says Sandor Gardos, founder of

2. More Is More
One area of the brain that’s activated during sex is the nucleus accumbens (no, we’ve never heard of it either); it’s also revved up during a nicotine rush,’ says Yvonne Fulbright, author of Touch Me There! (Hunter House), which is why it’s so hard to stop smoking. ‘When we experience something pleasurable, our brains want a repeat – it’s why people who are in love can’t get enough of each other.’ So, the more sex you have, the more you’ll want. If your sex life is in a dry patch, you can break it by just having sex with him – stick to a schedule for a week and see for yourself.


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