Sex Toys For Beginners pg1
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Sex Toys For Beginners pg1


Sex toys – like sex – can and should be enjoyed by everyone. Whether you’re an amateur or an expert, sex toys alleviate sexual frustration, enhance your love life and even offer health benefits. Whether you’re a curious couple or a sexy single, a naughty toy may be exactly what you need to take your satisfaction to new heights. Here are the perfect options for every level of pleasure-seeker (And if you’re too shy to go out and buy, they’re all available online at

This toy is a great place to begin for those just starting out. Doing Kegel exercises mean mighty lovemaking muscles, which leads to stronger orgasms and better sex for you and your partner (plus, they keep those muscles strong so that you don’t wee when you cough or laugh). Not only are they beneficial, Kegel exercise balls feel really good and can be worn anytime, anywhere. Sexy Je Joue Ami Kegel Exercise balls come in a set of three provocative shapes developed for the gradual progression of your Kegel strength.


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