Sex Staples pg3

Sex Staples pg3


It’s a fabulous feeling to hit that zone in your relationship where you can erotically experiment sans inhibition. You know those ‘Ooh… let’s try this!’ nights where you hit the sheets (or the bathroom sink) and invent kinky bendy moves that could qualify you for the Olympics. But when you’re so busy being adventurous, it’s easy to forgot about the sex essentials – those key moves every woman must master to be an unforgettable lover. That’s why we’ve crafted this quintessential guide to the carnal classics. From touches that make his thighs quake to the absolute best positions for every occasion, we jammed tons of passion know-how into this handy prime. Rip it out and glue it to your bedside table, because this is one sex manual that’ll never go out of style.

SEX STAPLE 1: Deep, Hardcore Kissing Research shows that many women cannot have an orgasm without direct clitoral stimulation, but standard sex positions typically don’t provide your clitoris with any contact. Solution: While you’re having sex, use the fleshy pad of your finger to make small, light circles around your clitoris. ‘The upper left side of the clitoris (from your perspective) is the most sensitive, possibly because there are more nerve endings,’ says Dr Steve Boclansky, co-author of The Illustrated Guide to Extended Massive Orgasm (Hunter House). So continue by sliding your fingers up and down the left side, then the right side, and then circle back to the left. Rub back and forth just below the clitoris and across the tip of it, then repeat, making small circles. It you feel too tingly, increase the pressure, but decrease the friction so you’re almost holding the spot without moving your fingers.
SEX STAPLE 2: Hand Jobs Like He Does Them
SEX STAPLE 3: Dialing The ‘O’ Operator


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