Sex Myths pg4

Sex Myths pg4


If you think you have to have sex at least three times a week or believe size really does count, let us put your mind at ease…right now.

Here, South Africa’s sex experts divulge what they think are the biggest sex myths in the world today.

Myth #1:
Orgasms Are Quick and Easy
‘Because sex is natural, people assume there should be no problems. This shows itself in many forms – desire, arousal, orgasm problems, pain, etc. Because most of us have had very limited education about sex, and because our scientific understanding of male and female sexual function is still developing, we make assumptions about sex and expect things to just work smoothly. You need to identify what you know about you and your partner’s sexual responses and correct any misinformation. The interplay between psychology, relationship factors and sexual function are often ignored. Expectations, assumptions and misinformation about sexual responses is probably one of the main reasons couples experience sexual problems.’
– Dr Claire Rockliffe-Fidler, Cape Town-based clinical psychologist and sexual and relationship therapist
Myth #2:
It’s All About The G-Spot
Myth #3:
The Three-Times-a-Week Rule
Myth #4:
Sex Should Be Hassle-Free
Myth #5:
Size Counts…
Myth #6:
It Has To Be All…Or Nothing


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