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If you think you have to have sex at least three times a week or believe size really does count, let us put your mind at ease…right now.

Here, South Africa’s sex experts divulge what they think are the biggest sex myths in the world today.

Myth #1:
Orgasms Are Quick and Easy
‘For some reason, couples think that to prove their relationship is working, they need to be having sex at least three times a week. The three-times-a-week rule is a relationship-killer. Firstly, sex does not follow rules and secondly, every relationship is different. Couples who put pressure on themselves to perform will only find themselves feeling frustrated and unfulfilled in their relationship.

The national average for sexual intercourse between couples is 2.8 times per week. However, this is the average. Some couples are happy with once a week, while others have sex five times a week. It is very important to understand all relationships are different and couples should never start comparing. The only thing a couple can compare their relationship to is itself. Is it better or worse than it was? Are we living up to our own expectations? If a couple starts to compare their relationship with those of others, they will only end up finding faults.

The number of times a couple has sex per week is entirely up to them. The only time it should become an issue is when one person in the relationship wants sex a lot more than the other, and it starts to cause conflict, tension and resentment. This is called ‘desire discrepancy’. If this occurs, you will need to seek professional counselling before the relationship is damaged. A therapist can help both of you to understand each other’s libidos, as well as potentially uncover any hidden reasons as to why the one person’s libido is lower than the other’s.’
– Leandie Buys

Myth #2:
It’s All About The G-Spot
Myth #3:
The Three-Times-a-Week Rule
Myth #4:
Sex Should Be Hassle-Free
Myth #5:
Size Counts…
Myth #6:
It Has To Be All…Or Nothing


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