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Sex Myths pg1


If you think you have to have sex at least three times a week or believe size really does count, let us put your mind at ease…right now.

Here, South Africa’s sex experts divulge what they think are the biggest sex myths in the world today.

Myth #1:
Orgasms Are Quick and Easy
‘If there is a rule about orgasms, it’s this: the harder you try to have one, the further away it seems to go. In other words, if you keep pushing yourself to make one happen, you’ll end up feeling less aroused than when you started (and a whole lot more bad-tempered!).

Be careful not to become so involved in trying to reach an orgasm that it becomes the only reason you and your partner are intimate. Don’t make orgasm your goal – because if you don’t achieve that goal immediately, you will feel extremely disappointed. Your partner may even feel that you are disappointed with him, or you may feel that you failed your partner by not reaching orgasm.

However, pretending to orgasm is also not a solution. Remember, you are not the only woman to ever have trouble achieving orgasm. Every woman has to experiment to find the right formula for herself. For some, it might be a breathtaking experience and for others, it might be a light flutter in the stomach. Statistics show most women achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation, and only a few through vaginal stimulation. The best recipe for having an orgasm is: relax, take your time, focus on the pleasure of stimulation and enjoy each other as much as possible.’
– Leandie Buys, Port Elizabeth-based clinical sexologist and author of Seasons of Sex (Naledi)

Myth #2:
It’s All About The G-Spot
Myth #3:
The Three-Times-a-Week Rule
Myth #4:
Sex Should Be Hassle-Free
Myth #5:
Size Counts…
Myth #6:
It Has To Be All…Or Nothing


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