Secrets of Good Skype Sex pg1
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Secrets of Good Skype Sex pg1

- Cosmo Editor

Ever attempted a long-distance relationship? Then you’ll be all too familiar with the drill: extensive commutes, sexual frustration, and phone bills that rack up faster than you can say ‘I miss you’. Thankfully, we now have access to a genius piece of computer software that’s guaranteed to keep your relationship (and sex life) healthy.

Skype enables users to have a phone conversation over the Internet with anyone, anywhere in the world. It even features a web camera, so you can be face-to-face for a bit of cross-country loving. Sexual health expert Jill Michelson from Marie Stopes International says Skype sex is ideal for people with a physical intimacy barrier. ‘It works wonders at keeping the fires burning in your relationship.’ And the best part? It’s free – just visit their website to download it.


1. Choose The Moment ‘It’s often very difficult for even the most adventurous of couples to initiate at first,’ explains Michelson. ‘So pick a time that suits the moment – probably not while you’re discussing the overdue electricity bill! Rather suggest it when you’re both talking about how much you miss each other and how you wish you could be having sex right now.’
2. Plan Ahead
3. Set The Mood
4. Be Prepared
5. Visualise


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