How To Give A Striptease

Your total how-to guide – just add you!

Always dreamt of slowly peeling off your clothing slowly, driving bae wild? Here, your how-to guide – just add you!

All you need are two dining-room chairs, a blindfold, a sexy outfit and music. A little chutzpah may help, too! Step into your highest heels, put on some raunchy music and sit him down on one of the chairs – blindfolded.

Before you laugh this off, remember: you’re a sassy, sexy woman and you can do this – especially with a few expert tips up your lacy sleeve. We asked the pros – Teazers manager Greg Fedele, erotic-dance instructor Annie Baxter and stripper Charlie Scott, to tell us how it’s done – and how bae could return the favour.

First, get spruced up. Have a manicure, pedicure, facial and that Brazilian wax you’ve been considering… whatever it takes to make you feel gorgeous. Choose clothes you feel good in – the sexier, the easier it’ll be to play the temptress – and be sure you can take them off without too much hassle.

Then choose a song you know and find it easy to move to. And make sure there’s enough music to last the dance – you don’t want to be left stranded in silence mid-strip! The choice of location is also vital. You must both feel comfortable there.

Your step-by-step guide

Prepare the room

Clear your designated dance area of anything that could land you in a crippled heap on the floor, feeling like a slapstick star. Check that cellphones are turned off, your glasses are topped up, the door is locked and the budgie cage is covered. Put two dining-room chairs opposite each other, a good distance apart. Light the candles, set the music player, and you’re ready to start.

2 Seat bae in one of the chairs and blindfold them

For added suspense, leave the room for a little while. Re-enter, hit ‘Play’ and gently remove bae’s blindfold. Staring seductively into their eyes, use the blindfold to tie their hands softly behind their back, leaning over far enough for them to get a good look at your cleavage. Then, in your best Cell-C voice, tell him there’ll be no talking or touching, thank you.

3 Sashay over to your chair, giving bae time to appreciate how hot you look
Sit with your legs together, facing your partner, and run your hands slowly up your body and through your hair. Run your hands down your body to your knees and open your legs slightly, pushing your breasts together with your arms. Rub your thighs, lick your lips and give bae a wink – if you can manage without having a giggling fit.

4 Slowly move over until you’re standing in front of bae, swaying your hips

You don’t have to be a dancer for this – if you can make love, you can do an erotic dance. Move even closer and dance over one or both of bae’s legs, moving sensually to the music as you undo the top button of their top. (Are they wearing a tee? Slowly pull up from its hem – but not all the way). Then step away a little and dance with your back to them.

5 Still with your back to bae, remove your camisole, bra or bodice and cover your breasts with your hand

Turn around again and, with your eyes lowered, caress your breasts and nipples before slipping one hand into your knickers, drawing attention to this area. Most people love watching their partner touching themselves.

6 Either return to your chair and straddle it, or keep dancing in front of bae

Watch their reactions to your moves and repeat those they seem to enjoy. This is your show, so have some fun!

7 With you back to bae, teasingly begin to remove your knickers or G-string

Then (be brave now, girl!) lean forward and, with your derrière proudly in the air, slip them off and bring them down to your feet. Step carefully out of them – concentrate, now, you don’t want to get all tangled up in your heels.

8 Walk over to the door, smile cheekily and indicate that you want bae to follow you…

… To the bedroom, bathroom, dining room or wherever else you’ve planned to end the evening.

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