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His 5-Second Sex Trigger pg2


Whether we’re talking about a frantic quickie or a leisurely evening of loving, the most important time in any sex session is in the moments before it’s over – that five-second gap between the point when he feels an orgasm about to happen and when he ejaculates. Making the most of that window of orgasmic opportunity isn’t easy. First, you’ll need to know when it’s going to begin – easier said than done if you’re with a new man or if he’s just not the expressive type.

Never fear, you can still hone your detective skills. Mantak Chia, author of The Multi Orgasmic Man (HarperOne), suggests waiting for when ‘he moves into the anxious, explosive fourth stage.’ This is when the testicles draw up to the body in preparation to ejaculate. So when you feel this happen, pull that crucial finishing trick with one of these moves…

1. Tone and Tease ‘Most men take the credit if a woman has an orgasm, and feel responsible and miserable it she doesn’t,’ says Anne Hooper, author of How To Make Great Love To a Man (Grand Central Publishing). So, at the final hurdle, get him to stimulate your clitoris or try a little DIY to see if you can tip yourself over into climax. That will give him the green light to enjoy his own imminent orgasm – which will feel so much better because he’s satisfied you sexually.
2. Come Together
3. The G-Spot Massage
4. Pornspiration
5. Alternate To Accumulate


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