Her Kind Of 'Dirty' pg1

In order to let go, most women need a bit of encouragement. Here’s how to unleash the beast…

A healthy sex life calls for pushing the envelope now and then. But, the trick is to suggest moves that’ll give your girl the thrill of doing something crazy and wild… without making her feel skanky. Here, some fun ways to up the naughty factor in bed.

Place a mirror (full-length, if you have one) next to the bed to get an up-close view of the action. ‘It gives her a chance to see her body during a sexual act,’ says Lori Hollander, sex therapist. It’ll also be exciting for her to witness you in the throes of passion – glistening with sweat and moving in rhythm with her. ‘It’s an erotic new way to experience sex,’ says Hollander.

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