Friends-With-Benefits Truths pg1
Cosmo Editor

Friends-With-Benefits Truths pg1

- Cosmo Editor

No-strings sex with a friend can be great, but there are some unexpected pitfalls to know about.

You don’t need us to tell you that dating during university (and even beyond) has come to a screeching halt – you’re living it, baby! And you may even be happy with a social life that consists of a killer co-ed group including, perhaps, a guy friend whom you roll around with occasionally. And while the sex-with-a-friend setup has its perks, there can be downsides too. We spell it all out right here.

Can you sleep with other people? How often should you hang out or call each other? An FWB situation can be confusing, so you may have to set up some parameters. And that means having a ‘talk,’ which may be what you think an FWB arrangement will spare you from.


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