Feel More Aroused pg1

Feel More Aroused pg1


One of the best endings to the day is a session in bed. But even if you’re craving nooky, it can be hard to transition from work mode to sex mode. ‘Men have a biological ability to zero in on a task and block out all else, whereas women often find it difficult to disengage from job responsibilities and get aroused,’ says Lou Paget, author of The Great Lover Playbook (Gotham Books).

That’s why your guy may be ready for action way before you’ve reached a boiling point. Try these moves (one or all!) to reach a sexy frame of mind by the time you get together with him.

Step 1: Build Up Some X-rated Anticipation Set the stage as soon as your workday ends by calling your guy to tell him you can’t wait to see him. ‘This reorients your mind toward your partner,’ says Lonnie Barbach, PhD, author of Turn-Ons (Plume). ‘Plus, knowing that he’s looking forward to your evening together will amp up your excitement too.’
Step 2: Sexify Your Commute
Step 3: Just Relax
Step 4: Take a Steamy Shower


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