Could Astronauts Fall Pregnant in Space?


Since we humans have made – and continue to make – quite a mess of planet earth, it was inevitable that we’d look to other places to one day call ‘home’. The research surrounding the hazards of colonising another planet, such as Mars, has focused on economic, health and legal issues. But now a video on Scroll.in aims to address another pretty large concern about humans moving to another planet. Will we be able to make babies in space?

The video gives you a peek back into the history of the only married astronauts to have ever gone into space, as well as some pretty alarming statistics about how few female astronauts there are (hate to say that we aren’t surprised).

As far as anyone knows, no humans have ever had sex in space and it seems unlikely we’d be able to make babies up there – but give the video a watch anyway.

Even if you don’t love science, chances are you like history. Or sex. Or the history of sex on a celestial level.

Please note my professionalism in not making one ‘sex that is out of this world’ reference throughout this entire piece.

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