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This head-rush-with-a-difference will create a tsunami wave of pleasure.

Degree Of Difficulty: 10
Heat Metre: 10

Erotic Instructions: Lie face-down across the bed, and then inch your body forward so your head and torso hang off the side, and put your palms on the floor to support your weight. ‘Your man enters you from behind, his legs positioned inside yours and his hands holding your torso for balance so he can keep his head and shoulders high,’ says Jane*, 32, who created this not-for-the-fainthearted pose.

Pleasure Payoff:
With your guy’s legs confined between yours, he won’t have a huge range of motion, which means you’ll be treated to lots of quick in-and-out moves that’ll send a tsunami of sensation to the nerve-rich first few centimetres of your pleasure zone. And the instant blood rush to your head triggered when you lean off the side of the bed will heighten each thrust. ‘Because of the tricky positioning, this isn’t something you can do all night,’ she says, ‘but it adds a lot of intensity to a run-of-the-mill romp.’

*Names have been changed


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