Randy Rider
Cosmo Editor

Randy Rider

- Cosmo Editor

Grip him tight and ride the wild passion pony…

Degree Of Difficulty: 7
Heat Metre: 8

Erotic Instructions: As your guy lies on his back, face him and lower yourself onto his penis in a kneeling position. Keeping your knees on the bed, hook your feet over the inside of his legs, close to his knees. Grab the bed sheets on either side of his head, squeeze your bum, tilt your pelvis upward, and move in small, tight motions. Giddyup!

Pleasure Payoff: By gripping the bed sheets and using his legs as stirrups, this quasi-cowgirl configuration offers lots of leverage, so you maintain a steady rhythm without losing momentum before reaching orgasm. ‘And since your body is higher than it is in typical missionary, your clitoris can rub against his pubic bone,’ enthuses Elaine*, 28.

*Names have been changed


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