Naughty Net
Cosmo Editor

Naughty Net

- Cosmo Editor

Your fishnet stockings just took on a whole new level of sexy.

How To Do It: Greet your man while wearing a pair of fishnet stockings, then seductively strip them off and slip the stockings over one hand. After rubbing a few drops of lubricant onto his penis, make a loose fist with the netted hand and glide it against the crown – the ridge where the shaft of his member meets the head. As he gets worked up, add more lubricant (otherwise the fishnets could chafe him). Bring him to climax with quick back-and-forth motions around his crown while pumping your bare fist up and down his shaft.

Why He’ll Love It: While your bare hand will feel smooth against his shaft, the ribbed fishnets will create a slightly rougher sensation on his ultra-sensitive crown, something he’s probably never experienced before. Plus, the idea of having such a naughty, bad-girl garment against his privates will push him over the edge. Every time he looks down and sees what you’re doing, he’ll remember that they’re the same sexy fishnets that covered your legs just a few minutes ago.


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