Handle His Package

Handle His Package


These moves will drive him loco with lust.

Usually, in foreplay, you touch him until he’s hard, but stroking him until he climaxes is rarely the main event. ‘Once a couple start having sex, hand jobs often stop,’ says sex educator, Sadie Allison, author of Ride ‘Em Cowgirl! (Tickle Kitty Press). Manhandling him will show your dirty desire to take charge.

Naughty Move: Surprise him with a hand job when he least expects it. While he’s chilling on the couch, cuddle up next to him, trail your fingers down his chest, and unbutton his pants. As you grab him whisper that you’re doing all the work this time. Try this grip to really wow him: Put one hand at the base of his shaft and the other right on top of it. Then firmly grip him as you move your hands in opposite directions, twisting at the same time.

Even Naughtier Move: Don’t only shock him with sexy stroking – also do it when he can’t possibly react the way he wants to. The next time he’s on the phone, come up behind him, unzip, and go to work. ‘Doing something so naughty while the person on the other end of the phone has no idea ups the wicked factor and makes everything feel more intense,’ says Allison. Make a ring with your fingers by touching the top of your index finger to the top of your thumb. Then place it around the base of his shaft, and slowly move toward the tip. As that hand gets to the tip, start at the base with your other hand. And so on…


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