Will He Commit? pg1
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Will He Commit? pg1


You’ve been together for three years, and you’re sure he’s the one for you. But, when it comes to the ‘M’ word, he remains schtum. Now, you’re starting to wonder whether you’re wasting your time. If you want to know whether he’s more likely to surprise you with a solitaire or a speech that goes ‘It’s not you, it’s me,’ read on…

Unless he specifically includes you in his plans to globe-hop, a desire to travel indicates a restlessness on his part, which means that he probably hasn’t had enough adventures to be willing to tie himself down. If this is the case, the worst thing you can do is force his hand. He will only feel frustrated, and look for other kinds of thrills (yes, that kind). If you like this dude a lot, your only choice (unfortunately) is to encourage him to go roaming. Maybe he’ll come back and you’ll live blissfully ever after. If he doesn’t, the happy ending wasn’t going to happen anyway.


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