What He Won't Ask pg4
Cosmo Editor

What He Won't Ask pg4

- Cosmo Editor

Beneath that cool guy exterior can lie some burning love questions. Here’s how to help him out.

‘Do you want to wed me… or just bed me?’ Most guys will probably confess to having said this. So it’s not a very hard question for men to ask – but it’s not easy to answer either. Think of it this way: he’s paying you a backhanded compliment (i.e. ‘You could do so much better than a loser like me’). But more importantly, he wants you to let him know exactly why you think he’s wonderful.
‘Do you think about anyone else during sex?’
‘Will you end up like your mom?’
‘What are you doing with someone like me?’
‘Would you freak out if I cheated?’

*Names have been changed


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