What He Won't Ask pg1
Cosmo Editor

What He Won't Ask pg1

- Cosmo Editor

Beneath that cool guy exterior can lie some burning love questions. Here’s how to help him out.

‘Do you want to wed me… or just bed me?’ Despite all evidence to the contrary, men do wonder. But they won’t say anything until you do. Jason*, 25, says, ‘I love my girlfriend and hope we’ll get married one day. But I’m terrified the minute I tell her, she’ll want to settle down, like, now.’ To find out how he feels, casually ask where he sees himself in five years time. If his plans involve you, there’s a good chance you’ll be in it for the long run (without having to name dates).
‘Do you think about anyone else during sex?’
‘Will you end up like your mom?’
‘What are you doing with someone like me?’
‘Would you freak out if I cheated?’

*Names have been changed


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