What He Notices On a First Date pg1
Cosmo Editor

What He Notices On a First Date pg1

- Cosmo Editor

You wore a hot outfit, made dazzling conversation, and resisted the urge to lick the chocolate off your dessert plate. So it’s fair to say you passed his first-date test, right? Well, later on, when he’s replaying the evening in his head, he’s going to remember other details that are infinitely more important to him. Such as…

Look, not every guy is funny. But every guy thinks he’s funny. When you appreciate his comedic efforts, he feels good about himself… and good about you as well. ‘This girl I was out with kept laughing and smiling at my jokes,’ recalls Evan*, 33. ‘I liked being around her, and I’m sure it helped convince me that there was a connection forming between us.’ Now, we’re not advocating fake belly laughs, but a giggle can go a long way. What’s even better? If you can crack him up in return.

*Names have been changed


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