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Wedding Day Freak-Outs pg1


Tears, screaming matches, shocking confessions – think we’re talking about Jersey Shore? Try again. Planning a wedding can feel like your very own drama-filled reality show. And having a few doubts about your fiancé is part of the script. ‘After all, you’re dealing with new issues like combining finances,’ says bridal coach Beth-Ann Schacht. ‘Plus, problems you’ve ignored might bug you more now because you’re committing forever.’ But certain feelings mean you should rethink things. Below, find out if your freak-outs are trying to tell you something.

You feel like you’re on pins and needles. It’s similar to the anticipation you experience before a trip or (when you were single) a big date – except more exaggerated.
When you’re super stressed out, you turn to your husband-to-be to help you relax. He’s generally able to put you in a better mood.
You’re anxious about the wedding day itself (like saying your vows in front of 200 people). But when you picture being married to your fiancé, you feel happy and sure.
While you might not want to have sex as often as usual, you two still sometimes have wake-up sex on a weekday, and there are nights when you just want to tackle him. Your nervousness waxes and wanes – at times you’re a complete basket case, but there are also windows when you’re pretty calm and confident.
Disagreements you have with your man are over petty problems, like when he leaves his cereal bowl sitting in the sink or watches sport for hours on Sundays. You fantasise about having a last fling or flirt with guys when you’re out with friends or during your bachelorette party, yet you can’t imagine ever actually cheating.
You may fleetingly wish you knew your fiancé better, but you’ve been together long enough to be sure he’s the one. And you’re excited to learn more about him.
Even if you find that you and your man are bickering more than usual, you never seriously question whether you love him or whether he loves you.
No matter what happens, you totally trust your guy. You know he has your best interests at heart, will be there for you when you need him and is always on your side.

If Your Symptoms Fall Under Just Jitters:
You need to relax. Make time to enjoy non-wedding related activities, and keep communicating regularly with your fiancé about how you’ll integrate your separate lives.

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