Relationships at the Beginning VS When the Honeymoon Phase is Over
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Sarah Hill

Relationships at the Beginning VS When the Honeymoon Phase is Over

- Sarah Hill

The first few months of a new relationship are a whirlwind of nerves, adrenaline, sex, PDA and more sex. But, after awhile, you start to mellow out – and that’s perfectly okay…


1. In the beginning: Sex all day, erryday – you can’t get enough of each other.

After the honeymoon phase: You most certainly still want each other but things have slooowed down – you’re just too tired to get it on after watching three episodes of Arrow in a row. #Yawn

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2. In the beginning: You quietly wake up early to put your ‘no makeup’ makeup face on – he can’t see you looking like this:

After the honeymoon phase: You really couldn’t be bothered if he sees your pimples or scary face mask – you’re at last comfortable around him (and guys prefer the natural look, anyway).

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3. In the beginning: Every time you go on a date with him, you get butterflies.

After the honeymoon phase: Date nights now consist of takeaways and watching Fawlty Towers  in bed… The butterflies have flown the coop.

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4. In the beginning: Going to the loo is rather tricky – somehow, you have to do your business without him knowing or hearing you… You’d be mortified if he heard you tinkling…

After the honeymoon phase: You can now pee in comfort – even with the door open!

5. In the beginning: The Royal Family ain’t got nothing on you when it comes to manners and eating etiquette – and, no, you never eat takeaways…


After the honeymoon phase: You’ve revealed you actually do eat takeaways (sometimes)…

6. In the beginning: What you wear to bed is of vital importance – only the best, most-flattering lingerie will do.

After the honeymoon phase: The baggier the clothes, the better – and you wear your girly PJs with pride.

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