Men's Secret Sex Fears pg2
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Men's Secret Sex Fears pg2


Hands down, a guy’s greatest sex fear is not getting any. But once we know the game is on, a whole new set of worries takes hold. Here are the nerve-wracking reasons we often break into a cold sweat before getting hot and heavy.

Getting Naked We know it’s a given that we have to use protection, but no man wants to initiate the condom chit-chat. Why? Allow Ted*, 27, to elaborate. ‘This girl and I were going at it, and it seemed pretty clear that sex was in the cards, so I asked if she had a condom,’ he says. ‘Next thing I know, she is dressed and pissed off that I assumed we were going to go all the way. I’ve also been in the situation where I didn’t broach the subject, and the girl thought I was an arsehole who didn’t give a damn about safe sex. Guys can’t win!’ So why not do us all a favour and bring up birth control first?
Bringing Up Birth Control
Your Sex-pectations
Sucking In The Sack


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